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Kraken overview

Kraken is a research group made up of people from different areas of knowledge: geomatic engineering, telematics, agronomy, geology, biology... Our nexus is work in the capture and processing of spatial data, both on a detailed scale (3D models, graphic documentation of objects) and on a territorial scale (precision agriculture, geophysics, geographic information systems, remote sensing...). We develop statistical techniques of analysis and others applied to the capture of data of controlled quality.
The researchers at Kraken are from the University of Extremadura and CICYTEX and work in collaboration with other research bodies such as the Archaeological Institute of Merida (CSIC), the National Archaeological Museum or the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid (CSIC). We are also part of INDEHESA, a research institute of the University of Extremadura.
Left: Essay on the potential route of Christopher Columbus on his first trip to America.

Latest news

XI Jornadas Abiertas de V...
30 Sep 2019 13:24

El equipo del proyecto nacional MINARQ LINK estuvo presente en las XI Jornadas Abiertas organizadas  [ ... ]

Noche Europea de los Inve...
30 Sep 2019 09:17

Carmen Pro, María Eugenia Polo y Miguel Ángel Martín Tardío participan un año más en la Noche  [ ... ]

XVIII Congreso de la Asoc...
30 Sep 2019 08:40

Elia Quirós participa en el XVIII Congreso de la Asociación Española de Teledetección, celebrado [ ... ]

XXV Jornadas sobre Enseña...
10 Jul 2019 07:49

Presentamos una ponencia titulada "Una experiencia docente basada en proyecto para la formación en  [ ... ]

Erasmus+Staff Teaching Mo...
08 Apr 2019 08:37

Elia Quirós and Maria Eugenia Polo were invited to the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislav [ ... ]

The 12th European Confere...
05 Apr 2019 14:41

We will present the work Use of Sentinel 2 Images to delineate soil management zones using the clay  [ ... ]

XIII Congreso Ibérico de ...
02 Apr 2019 14:26

Presentamos dos propuestas para el XIII Congreso Ibérico de Arqueometría (https://xiiicia.icarehb. [ ... ]

Visual Heritage 2018, Con...
26 Feb 2019 21:40

We present the works (1) Rollout archaeological photography for the graphic documentation of cultur [ ... ]

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